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The RÖDER W-TENT Giga Uno – elegance meets versatility

Lots of potential for customisation: with a span width of ten metres, selectable side and ridge heights, and a length that can be extended as desired, the Giga Uno tent from the W-TENT series can be adapted to the requirements of almost any event. In the centre is the striking high-point membrane roof, which allows technical equipment and decor elements to be installed easily and safely. The use of fire-resistant materials makes the Giga Uno the perfect space solution for large-scale events with corresponding fire safety regulations.

Below you will find a list of key information and dimensions for the standard Giga Uno tent from the W-TENT series. If you require more detailed information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

Want to know more about the Giga Uno from the W-TENT series? Simply get in touch!