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Premium tents from the S-TENT series – for exclusive and prestigious events

The RÖDER Group’s premium S-TENT series are the ‘go-to’ range when an event needs to have a certain level of class and take place in a setting with a more ‘exclusive’ feel. In this ‘business class’ of tent and hall systems, RÖDER combines spacious room layouts with a design that is modern and guarantees a certain prestige. Their cube-shaped design houses lavish window fronts, terraces, galleries and many other unusual elements that scream ‘premium’. Another special and trendsetting feature of the S-TENTS is their use of air-filled thermal roof elements, which create a very pleasant indoor climate and lower the amount of energy consumed by the air-conditioning system used.

It is also possible to complement the exclusive ambiance provided by our premium tents with numerous other elements, with options such as the latest in air-conditioning and lighting systems, a modular facade system and individual scaffolding structures.

We would be happy to help you find the right S-TENTS for your needs. Simply get in touch!