Why smart?

Do you need a quick solution for your project? Are you expanding rapidly and don't want the ongoing hassle and expense of off-site storage? Or do you need temporary capacity due to renovation?  The RÖDER S-Line series is smart because it offers exactly that. The S-Line is just the thing when it comes to quick and cost-effective solutions. We recommend an S-Line for temporary logistics halls, construction site tents or storage tents.

Features der S-Line Serie:


High room volumes

With side heights of 3.70 m to 5.20 m, high room volumes are created for better use of space and area. This provides the option for forklift-operated rack storage.

Gates and doors

Wind bracings are used for the stability and statics of the halls. These are installed in the second and penultimate bays. This enables the installation of gates and doors (e.g. escape and personnel doors) already in the first bay.

Bay distance

Because our lightweight halls have a truss spacing of 5.0 m, even lateral truck passages are possible. Rolling doors, steel and sliding tarpaulin doors with clear passageways of a height of 3.00 m to 4.50 m or a width of 3.85 m to 4.90 m can be installed here.


We offer the S-Line series with spans from 5.0 m to 20.0 m and, due to a sensible gable division, enable a central door entrance - for every span! This is an important customer requirement that we can meet with all our hall systems.

Snow and wind load

Snow and wind loads in Germany are divided into different zones. Therefore, it is always important to know where exactly the hall will be located. Our cost-efficient cold hall solution S-Line has a standard snow load of up to 0.85 kN/m2 and a standard wind load of up to 28 m/s.

Your advantages of a lightweight hall from RÖDER

The RÖDER H-Line, M-Line and S-Line series set new standards in the industrial sector. We offer customised solutions. Why?

  • Our hall solutions adapt to your financial needs.
  • Our hall systems can be subsequently expanded and moved thanks to the innovative, modular design
  • Fast delivery and assembly times, especially with our cold halls
  • Our wide range of accessories includes many individual equipment options


  • Logistics
  • Storage units
  • Construction site tents

References of our S-Line

Storage hall

800 m2 warehouse for conveyor and agricultural technology products.

  • Side height: 5.20 m
  • Span width: 20 m
  • Side length: 40 m
  • Facade: PVC tarpaulin
  • Gate: lateral tarpaulin sliding gate 4.50 m clear height

Freight and Sorting Centre

The RÖDER built freight & sorting centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport. Basic construction consists of six RÖDER H-Line halls, each 40 m x 85 m with a side height of 6.20 m. The halls are equipped with a fleece lined thermal roof and 80 mm sandwich panel walls with non-combustible mineral wool core. In a networked design, the freight center has an area of 20,400 m².

  • 20,400 m2 area with a 6.2 m eave height
  • 6 linked logistics halls
  • 42 days installation