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Government and Municipal

tent and hall solutions

  • Temporary hospital buildings in Moscow

    Temporary hospital buildings in Moscow

    Twenty hospital buildings, one laboratory and one administrative building were built by RODER LLC on the territory of the largest hospital in Moscow. They are used to accommodate patients with coronavirus infection of varying degrees of severity who need care. With an area of 25,400 m² and a capacity of 919 wards and 330 intensive care beds, the existing capacity of the Municipal Hospital has more than doubled.

  • Refugee housing units in Bochum Germany

    Refugee accommodation units in Bochum Germany

    To the need of European countries, RÖDER Germany manufactured well thought out refugee accommodation units. RÖDER installed 12 constructions, designed to accommodate 56 people per unit, in Bochum, Germany. The 10M x 30M, snowload-rated halls were equipped with electrical distribution, ceiling-mounted heating pipes and appliances.  Each housing unit consists of 14 bedrooms designed for four people each, with soundproof partition walls for privacy. Designed for swift production and delivery, the units can be installed quickly on almost any surface