Create flexible spaces with pre-fabricated warehouses from RÖDER

Companies in all sectors are constantly undergoing change, with external influences playing a bigger part in this than ever. This requires them to be forever adapting and responding with flexibility. And this has an impact on their choice of location and the creation of suitable spaces at their business premises.

Industrial companies need fast, flexible and scalable space solutions to help them with their procurement, production and distribution of goods.


Benefits of modular leightweight space solutions and tents

Our modular pre-fabricated warehouses have more than just potential. They are an effective alternative to the standard on-site installations you get with steel, solid and modular warehouse construction:

  • Immediate availability thanks to fast installation
  • Option to install on almost any surface (including tarmac and foundations)
  • Expandable design
  • Option for the location to be flexible with components that can be dismantled and reused
  • Long-lasting warehouse stability thanks to premium quality and statics required under building law

Add to your options with our warehouses and tents

Our warehouses open up new options for the way you work and where you are located. Because they can be installed and dismantled in a flash or alternatively used in a permanent set-up, you’re never stuck with any decisions you make about how to use them.

Compliance with building regulations does need to be verified though, of course. For example, you may need to apply for planning permission. We’ll be happy to help you out with all of that too.

Let’s imagine you need to accommodate a temporary peak in production. Our S-Line non-insulated warehouse would be the most cost-effective industrial tent for you. Or maybe you’re looking for a permanent storage solution in the form of an insulated warehouse? In that case, we’d recommend the RÖDER M-Line range with its added weatherproofing and air-conditioning benefits. Or perhaps what you need is a permanent space solution to provide the perfect environment for your production facilities? Our H-Line range meets specific requirements for weatherproofing, load capacity and wind loading, with the option to add solid roofing.


Three new warehouse ranges to cater to your needs

We can offer you the exact solutions you need to suit your specific situation and on-site conditions. You can rent, lease or buy our warehouses. There’s also the option to buy our warehouses second-hand upon request and subject to availability.

Benefits of new pre-fabricated warehouses


Our space solutions fit with your budget. The innovative modular design of all our warehouse systems means you can extend and move them later down the line. The delivery and installation times are incredibly fast for our uninsulated warehouses in particular. And our wide range of accessories gives you the flexibility to kit them out exactly as you need to.




Comparing the costs, pre-fabricated warehouses often come in cheaper than the likes of steel installations and permanent buildings. The costs of planning, materials and installation are often cheaper than for a steel installation. It’s a bonus that pre-fabricated warehouses don’t often require all the work and money usually associated with foundations.



The RÖDER Group follows the most stringent system in the world for sustainable environmental management. Our EMAS certification confirms that. As part of our sustainability efforts, it’s important that our components last and last. And that’s why we use high-quality materials for planning and frame construction.



For our modular warehouse systems, we provide the statics required under building law, allowing for temporary and permanent use. Premium materials combined with German engineering is what makes our pre-fabricated warehouses a durable and cost-effective alternative to standard buildings. Our frame constructions are resistant to corrosion and lightweight yet sturdy. And our PVC tarpaulins boast no end of benefits that promise you savings on your investment and maintenance costs in the long term.