Temporary hospital buildings

RODER LLC installed temporary hospital buildings in Moscow

Twenty hospital buildings, each measuring 20m x 60m, one 20m x 40m laboratory and one 20m x 70m administrative building were built by RODER LLC on the territory of the largest coronavirus hospital in Moscow. They are used to accommodate patients with coronavirus infection of varying degrees of severity who need care. With an area of 25,400 m² and a capacity of 919 wards and 330 intensive care beds, the existing capacity of the Municipal Hospital has more than doubled. The patients are accommodated in comfortable rooms with shower and bath, separate entrances to the air lock system and an air filter system ensure safety. Staff rooms are also integrated: changing rooms, sanitary facilities and rest areas. All RÖDER clinic halls are equipped with insulated floors, ISO façade and thermally insulated roof.

RODER LLC also established such temporary medical facilities in another 16 city medical centres in Moscow.

Roder LLC is a Russian subsidiary of the RODER Group, which was founded in 1959 in Germany. Since 2006, they have been actively working in Russia and are one of the market leaders in the field of frame and tent constructions production and temporary infrastructure organization. Their efficient and modern construction technologies allowed them to successfully implement more than 2000 projects of different levels of complexity and directions during 14 years of work in Russia