Multi-functional cold or warm hall for a variety of uses
M-Line - M is for multi-functional

Why multifunctional?

The M-Line is the answer to so many questions. It’s a cost-effective solution available in an insulated and non-insulated version. The M-Line has a greater span width than the S-Line and its snow loading is higher depending on the span width.

Permanent use

You can use the M-Line on a permanent basis by all means. The choice of wall materials opens up a whole host of new ways to use the spaces. Will you go for tarpaulin, corrugated steel, insulated panels or something else? Whether you’re looking for a warehouse for premium products that need to be kept out of the rain or a maintenance and production tent, just remember that M is for multi-functional.





Your Advantages of a Lightweight hall from RÖDER

The RÖDER H-Line, M-Line and S-Line series set new standards in the industrial sector. We offer customized solutions. Why?

  • Our hall solutions adapt to your financial needs
  • Our hall systems can be subsequently expanded and moved thanks to the innovative, modular design
  • Fast delivery and assembly times, especially with our cold halls
  • Our wide range of accessories covers many individual equipment options



Sector Solutions

  • Insulated production and manufacturing facilities
  • Semi-permanent warehouses and canopies

Features of the M-Line range

High volume of space

Since the span widths are higher in this range than the S-Line, you get more volume – and that means more storage space. The maximum ridge height of 9.25 m equates to more space for pallets than with the S-Line range.

Roof design

You can take your pick between single-layer and insulated roof covers for your M-Line solution. Meanwhile, optional beam covers can put an end to condensation.

Bay distance

We keep the bay distance to 5.0 m within our warehouse ranges, which means the access points can be wider. For example, maintenance tents for the automotive sector can come with multiple roller shutters in a row.

Snow and wind loading

Snow loading of up to 1.50 kN/m2 is possible depending on the span width. The standard snow loading of 0.85 kN/m2 is what you get with a span width of between 27.5 m and 30.0 m.

Permanent insulated warehouse

The M-Line range is versatile, which means it’s well suited to a wide range of applications. How about a permanent insulated warehouse? It’s an option that usually ends up being cheaper than a solid structure. And it could be up and running after a few short days of installation work (depending on its size).



Reference 1 Production tent

A German mechanical engineering company was looking for a permanent space solution so it could extend its production facilities. The innovative tent spanning a total area of 1625 m2was installed within the space of 14 days, providing a fast and cost-effective solution that could be used for the final checks on a CNC production line.

  • Span width of 25 m
  • Length of 65 m
  • Side height of 5.20 m

With the walls made from insulated panels and insulated roof covers on top, the environment was also perfect for the staff working there.

Reference 2 Warehouse extension

A supplier of special vehicles within the automotive sector was looking for a way to extend its warehouse space fast after receiving more production requests that usual. The M-Line pre-fabricated warehouse has a span width of 30 m and a storage length of 55 m. Use could be made of the existing tarmac space across a total area of 1650 m2. It took eight working days in total to install the warehouse. The walls were made with corrugated steel sheet and insulated roof covers were put on top.


The RÖDER M-LINE series is an economical solution for all climates.