Temporary training hall for riding stable owners

Discover how RÖDER and equitent (brand of RÖDER) have created a flexible, temporary training hall for riding stable owners. This solution offers optimal conditions for training your horses all year round.

Flexible and efficient solution for riding stable owners

RÖDER Zelte and equitent have completed an impressive reference project that offers riding stable owners a flexible and efficient solution for their training needs. This temporary training hall fulfils the highest standards and enables year-round training, regardless of weather conditions. Find out more about the details and benefits of this innovative indoor arena in this article.


Temporary training hall for all seasons

One of the biggest challenges for riding stable owners is maintaining optimal training conditions all year round. Changes in the weather can often disrupt plans and affect the horses' training. This is where the temporary training hall from RÖDER Zelte and equitent comes into play. This hall offers a weather-independent training facility and ensures that your horses can be trained continuously.

Flexibility and mobility

The temporary training hall is characterised by its flexibility and mobility. It can be set up quickly and, if necessary, dismantled again or moved to another location. This is particularly advantageous for riding stable owners who need to react to changing requirements or prefer temporary solutions.

High quality and safety

RÖDER tents and equitent attach great importance to quality and safety. The temporary training hall is made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability and stability. It offers sufficient space for different types of training and ensures the safety of horse and rider. The use of state-of-the-art technology and robust construction creates a safe and pleasant training environment.



The advantages of this temporary training hall are manifold. On the one hand, it enables cost savings compared to permanent buildings. Secondly, it offers the opportunity to react flexibly to seasonal requirements. In addition, the hall can be customised to the needs of the respective riding stable, be it in terms of size, equipment or design.


Easy installation and maintenance

Another advantage of the temporary training hall is the ease of installation and maintenance. The experienced team from RÖDER Zelte and equitent set it up quickly and easily. Maintenance is also straightforward, which makes the hall particularly efficient to operate.


Sustainable solution

The temporary training hall is not only functional, but also sustainable. It can be used several times and adapted to different locations, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to permanent buildings. This sustainability not only protects the environment, but also the riding stable owner's budget.


Technical details

Width: 21,00 m
Length: 40,00 m
Area: 840,00 m²
Side height: 4,40 m
Roof: PVC tarpaulin
Facade: PVC tarpaulin, inner wooden band

The temporary training hall from RÖDER offers riding stable owners an innovative and flexible solution for training their horses all year round. Thanks to its mobility, high quality and easy handling, it represents a valuable investment that fulfils the specific needs and requirements of a modern riding stable. Discover the advantages of this unique indoor arena and optimise your horses' training all year round.