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Röder Hangar Tent Systems and Airport Terminals

  • Vladivostok Maintenance Hangar

    Vladivostok Maintenance Hangar

    The client required a fully insulated airplane maintenance hangar. This has been realized with a 50 m x 50 m H-LINE lightweight hall with an eave height of 9 m, equipped with thermo tarpaulin roof. Gable and side walls are covered with insulating facade with 40 mm ISO-panels. A special hangar gable door completes the maintenance hall.

  • Kaluga International Airport

    Kaluga International Airport Terminal

    The RÖDER Terminal Hall H-LINE 40 m x 60 m, eave height 4 m, is equipped with insulating roof, panel walls, glass facade and a complete VRF climate system. With 62 separate rooms, the RÖDER terminal can accommodate 14 airport service companies. The border and customs control area can handle 300 passengers per hour.

  • Chelyabinsk International Airport

    Chelyabinsk International Airport Terminals

    Three H-Line halls with dimensions of 10m x 30m, 10m x 20m and 20m x 80m with a wall height of 6.2 m were installed with functional separation into the baggage claim and processing area and the border control waiting area. Natural light is provided by a complete building front with panoramic glass façade. The RÖDER terminal halls provide full accessibility for people with limited mobility, as well as transitions to the main airport building.