Hall Configurator Rendering of a production hall Step One

Your hall configurator for warehouses and production halls

Simple configuration for customised solutions

The RÖDER hall configurator allows you to design warehouses and production halls according to your specific needs. Choose from various materials and accessories to create a hall that perfectly suits your company.


Industrial companies looking to expand their storage or production capacities temporarily or permanently will find the perfect solution with the RÖDER warehouse configurator. Our easy-to-use configurator allows you to design a customised warehouse in just a few steps and receive a non-binding quote within 48 hours.

Honest and authentic

There are many hall configurators on the market or on the Internet. Each has its advantages. We have decided against setting an exact price or a guide price with the configurator. They often reflect outdated prices or are bait prices that are far removed from reality. The conditions on site are a decisive factor. However, we can only clarify these in a second step, after requesting a quotation. We remain honest and authentic - even with our hall configurator.

Here are the recommendations of our industry experts we give you before you buy a lightweight hall to avoid problems afterwards.

Advantages of the RÖDER hall configurator

  • Easy to use: The RÖDER hall configurator is intuitively designed and guides you step by step through the hall design process. You can select dimensions, materials for the roof and walls as well as accessories such as doors and windows.
  • Fast results: You will receive a free, no-obligation quote for your customised hall within 48 hours.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Thanks to the modular design of the RÖDER halls, they can be easily extended or converted to meet your changing requirements. The halls offer spans of up to 40 metres and side heights of up to 8.2 metres, making them ideal for various industrial applications.
  • Documentation: You will receive your enquiry and the rendering with it.

Who is the hall configurator suitable for?

The RÖDER Hall Configurator is ideal for:

  • Logistics companies that require flexible and quickly available storage solutions.
  • Production companies looking for temporary or permanent production areas.
  • Industrial companies that have special requirements for weather resistance and insulation.


Customised hall solutions for every industry

The RÖDER hall configurator offers solutions for various industries, from logistics and production to temporary event halls.

Step by step to a quick quote request

Step 1 - Enter basic hall information: Enter the basic information about your desired hall, such as length, width, side height in meters.

Step 3 - Colour: Choose an optional colour for your façade and roof. We recommend keeping the predefined standard colours. Special colours are subject to additional costs.

Step 2 - Select materials and equipment: Select the materials for the roof and walls as well as other equipment.

Step 4 - Specify additional requirements: Add special requirements such doors, portals, gutter etc.

Last Step - Enter contact information: Enter your contact details so that we can send you your customised quote. Generally, you will receive your free and non-binding offer within 48 hours once we have all the necessary information.


Act now and receive your quote

Use the RÖDER warehouse configurator to design your individual warehouse and receive a customised quote in no time at all. Get started now and optimise your storage and production capacities efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are always available for further information and support. Contact us and let our experts advise you.