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Well thought-out logistics halls for economic use

RÖDER industrial halls as a modular freight centre

The RÖDER Group built a freight and sorting centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The hall complex consists of six RÖDER H-Line halls, each measuring 40 m x 85 m with a side height of 6.20 m. 38 truck trucks supplied the construction site with 800 tons of material and the industrial halls were installed within 10 weeks. The RÖDER logistics halls are equipped with a special thermal roof and 80 mm sandwich panel walls with non-flammable mineral wool core. In networked construction, the freight centre has a total area of 20,400 m².

RÖDER Industrial Halls for Logistics, Trade and Production

With spans of up to 40 m, side heights of up to 8.2 m, wind loads of up to 140 km/h and snow loads of up to 3.0 kN/m², RÖDER industrial halls offer enormous leeway. Thanks to their sophisticated system design, they are designed for the highest standardization and can be extended in length and width if required and can be quickly dismantled. RÖDER industrial halls and storage tents can be provided in a cost-effective tarpaulin version as well as in a fully insulated version. The logistics and sales halls have excellent insulation and air-conditioning facilities.

The hall facades of the insulated version are equipped with sandwich panels. The roofing of the insulated industrial halls is a double-walled, air-filled tarpaulin – it ensures optimal climate. It prevents condensation, saves energy and withstands particularly heavy snow loads.

  • Frankenbrunnen Logistics Halls - side view with dock stations for lories

    Franken Brunnen Logistics Halls

    RÖDER installed three production and logistics halls for one of the largest mineral water manufacturers in Germany, Franken Brunnen. The Halls H-Line with spans of 30 m and a length of 90 m are equipped with truck docking stations and roller gates.

  • Modular Air Hub Leipzig birds eye view of a multi-aisled lightweight hall on the airport site

    Modular Air Hub

    At the airport Leipzig/Halle, Germany, RÖDER Group installed a freight and sorting center. The basic design consists of six RÖDER H-Line halls, each 40 m x 85 m with 6,20 m side height. The halls are equipped with a special thermo roof and 80 mm non-flammable sandwich panel walls with mineral wool core. In connected structure the freight center has got a total floor area of 20,400 m².