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Sports facilities

Temporary sports halls and permanent sports centers

  • Indoor Tennis Centre - Hongqiao Town

    Indoor Tennis Centre - Hongqiao Town

    RÖDER China installed an impressive custom-made indoor tennis centre in Hongqiao Town, Shanghai with a span of 22 m, a length of 36 m and an eaves height of 9 m. The aluminium-glass façade ensures optimum lighting conditions. In order to visually integrate the 800 m² sports hall into its surroundings, the aluminium façade profiles were coloured brown, one side wall and the outer gable wall were clad with square wooden elements.

  • Shanghai Sharks - Basketball Hall

    Shanghai Sharks - Basketball Hall

    RÖDER China installed 2019 a big tent 40 x 49.5m with an eave height of 6m as the training venue for the Shanghai Sharks, one of the teams of the Chinese Basketball Association. The complete hall with nearby 2,000 m² is surrounded by fire-resistant coloured steel plates, and has two standard basketball courts and an office area. The light yellow colour steel plate spray paint echoes the neighbouring Greenland Hotel.