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Government and Municipality

Fast Space Solutions in Municipal Construction & Crisis Management

Federal governments, states, counties and municipalities take on a wide range of compulsory and voluntary tasks in their respective administrative areas. In this context, we perceive that innovative marquee systems are increasingly taking on an important role in various ways, especially for municipal construction and in public debate.

Marquee and hall systems from RÖDER now represent an important solution for municipal organizations as a temporary replacement building or permanent hall solution. RÖDER tents and storage halls are used for different reasons.

Diverse Applications

  • Replacement buildings for schools and kindergartens
  • Temporary sports halls and citizens' offices
  • Marquees for task/emergency forces in crisis management
  • Marquees for storage logistics during on-site crisis operations (e.g. floods, fires, natural disasters, war, etc.)
  • Accommodation for refugees (warm and cold halls)
  • Municipal waste management (recycling and disposal halls)
  • Construction on-site marquees for the municipal building authorities
  • Lecture halls, training rooms, canteens
  • Hospital extensions
  • Initial test tents as for the Corona pandemic
  • High-quality solutions for patient accommodation in hospitals

What advantages does a local authority have with RÖDER tent systems?

In municipal crisis management, it is all about speed. The time factor plays a decisive role in getting help and the availability of municipal resources to the required location (back) as quickly as possible. RÖDER keeps a certain contingent of tent systems for such situations in order to be able to react quickly to different crisis situations of municipalities.

  • Quick installation of the tent construction
  • Can be flexibly extended & quickly dismantled
  • Short, medium and long-term solutions are possible
  • Rent and/or purchase of the tent solution
  • Solutions for cold and warm halls (un/insulated)
  • Quick set-up of temporary storage & logistics volumes on site
  • "Engineered and Made in Germany" - highest international quality and safety standards - for maximum durability even in continuous use

Fast accommodation solutions for refugees

When humanitarian aid is needed in the form of accommodation for those seeking protection, this is the responsibility of the federal, state and local governments. For this purpose, flexible, quickly erectable halls that can be used as safe accommodation are urgently needed. Refugee shelters are facilities or places specifically set up to accommodate people who have fled their home countries.

Necessary care for refugees

Refugee shelters often provide basic services such as accommodation, food, medical care and sometimes education and counselling. They may be temporary camps, converted buildings or purpose-built structures. Conditions and services can vary greatly depending on the country and organisation running the shelter.

RÖDER supports municipal tasks with hall solution

Refugee shelters play an important role in supporting people fleeing war, persecution or natural disasters from their home countries. Here are some advantages of RÖDER hall solutions:

  • Safety: Refugee shelters provide a safe place to live for people fleeing conflict and persecution.
  • Basic needs: They provide basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care and education.
  • Support: They provide psychological care and help with integration into the new society.
  • Protection: They protect refugees' rights and ensure that they are respected.
  • Top view of two RÖDER M-line multifunctional halls used as accommodation for refugees

    Lightweight Structures as Refugee accommodations

    RÖDER installed 5 structures for several 100 refugees in the Wetterau district. The snow-load-proof halls each have a span of 10 m and a length of 50 m. Each hall can accommodate up to 14-18 living units, including lounges. Each hall can accommodate up to 14-18 residential units, including lounges. The accommodation units are separated from each other with soundproof partition walls for more privacy. A thermal roof tarpaulin and insulated facade ensure a pleasant indoor climate. The halls are intended to serve as a transit solution for the first few weeks.

  • Refugee housing units in Bochum Germany

    Refugee accommodation units in Bochum Germany

    To the need of European countries, RÖDER Germany manufactured well thought out refugee accommodation units. RÖDER installed 12 constructions, designed to accommodate 56 people per unit, in Bochum, Germany. The 10M x 30M, snowload-rated halls were equipped with electrical distribution, ceiling-mounted heating pipes and appliances.  Each housing unit consists of 14 bedrooms designed for four people each, with soundproof partition walls for privacy. Designed for swift production and delivery, the units can be installed quickly on almost any surface

Emergency and Task force Marquees

For decades, public and private disaster and civil protection organisations have relied on our RÖDER SAS tents, which have proven their worth in crises and worldwide operations. Numerous professional and volunteer fire brigades, the Red Cross and also local authorities in the DACH region rely on our multifunctional tents as shelters or task force marquees for the police, fire brigade and aid organisations.

Your advantages of RÖDER SAS-Tents

  • Easy handling and long service life
  • High quality components: Anodised aluminium frames & premium tarpaulins
  • Quick assembly: Simple aluminium die-cast plug-in connection
  • Small packing volume: Easy transport is possible
  • Durable & practical: Modular applicability, several tents with the same span can be joined together in no time at all.Necessary care for refugees

Solutions for municipal construction

RÖDER marquee and hall systems also come into question as an alternative to solid construction in general municipal construction. Not only as temporary replacement construction in case of renovation of existing buildings, but above all for permanent storage and logistics halls. Industrial companies such as Vatenfall, Fripa, DS Smith, Amazon and many others trust in the quality of RÖDER products. Numerous municipalities also see our products as a real alternative.

Municipal waste management

Modern waste disposal must constantly optimise its waste logistics. This is where RÖDER products come into play. In particular, operators of regional waste disposal facilities and landfill operators have to protect certain bulk materials from the weather. RÖDER storage tents, whether with or without side facades, have side heights of several metres. This means that construction solutions for bulk material for several metres in height can be realised using construction systems made of concrete elements.

Due to high spans and several hundred metres in length of the storage marquees, we also implement a smooth handling of truck passages. Whether as bulk storage, shelf or block storage, our capacities can easily cover several thousand square metres with multi-aisle storage halls.

Temporary construction site roofing

Construction sites are always dependent on the weather and local conditions. Sun, wind and rain can significantly affect workforce, building materials and equipment on construction sites. Especially when the work to be done, which is naturally tied to a specific location, can only be implemented in the dry.

Weather protection, drivable, dismountable

RÖDER storage tents can also be used as mobile construction site tents. Materials and construction site workers are protected and can be temporarily stored at the construction site and processed in the tent immediately. A translucent roof tarpaulin provides sufficient light during the day. Should condensation occur, an underlay tarpaulin can provide additional protection for the work. A construction site must also remain passable with heavy equipment. RÖDER tents have high eaves heights and truck passages can be made possible on the sides or gables. This ensures the erection of supply routes from the outside for the construction site.

Further advantages:

  • Schedules can be met
  • Lower investment costs when renting the tents
  • Protection of construction site vehicles on site
  • Our tents are location-independent. This means they can be set up again quickly at another location.
  • They can also be extended, for example, if building material is delivered too early, the tents can be quickly extended by several metres to protect the building material from the weather.