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Marquee Series – elegant and versatile

RÖDER’s W-TENT marquee series combines elegance and style with abundant space. Especially high ceilings provide the right ambiance for upscale events and allow sound and lighting equipment and decor elements to be installed easily and safely. All of the marquees from the W-TENT series can be combined with one another, as long as the side heights and bay distances are compatible. This allows you to create an impressive marquee complex in no time, offering plenty of room for large-scale events.

The W-TENT series of marquees is distinguished by its sophisticated assembly system, statically tested stability, a comprehensive range of accessories and an outstanding price–performance ratio.

We would be happy to help you find the right W-TENT product for your event. Get in touch with our team – we would love to hear from you!

Röder W-Tents Wine Tent Marquee

The W-TENT Wine Tent – well-regarded marquees that always rise to the occasion.


A classic that provides an appropriate setting for any event: the wine tent from the W-TENT series combines a conventional, familiar look with the latest durable materials and an efficient assembly system. Available in multiple clearspan widths and side heights, RÖDER’s wine tent can be adapted to fit the expected number of attendees, either as a stand-alone structure or as part of a complex of tents.

Aside you will find a list of key information and dimensions for the standard wine tent from the W-TENT series of marquees. If you require more detailed information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

  • W-Tents Wine Tent Marquee

    W-Tents Wine Tent Marquee

Röder W-Tents Giga Uno

The RÖDER W-TENT Giga Uno Marquee – elegance meets versatility.