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  • Röder tents have statics

    Our tents are calculated according to DIN EN 13782 "flying construction" and have a TÜV-approved statics.

  • equitent a brand of RÖDER Group

    Lunging halls and riding halls from RÖDER - reliable and durable hall solutions

  • SAS Marquees - Task force marquees

    Team and task force tents for disaster control and civil protection

  • Industrial Marquees - insulated storage halls

    RÖDER offers insulated warehouses - significant energy savings can be made

Our customers know RÖDER tent and hall systems as durable, robust and high-quality products they can rely on. We want to live up to this claim every day with our commitment and expertise.

Over time, our customers have questions about our products and services. We have summarised them here. If there are any questions that you would like answered that are not included in this summary, please do not hesitate to contact us - for example via our contact form or - we will do our best to answer your individual questions professionally and as quickly as possible.

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Event & Tent Solutions

Can the tents be erected without a permit?

What is an inspection book and when do I need it for the tent?

How time-consuming is the assembly of RÖDER tents in general?

Do the tents have a static calculation?

Do I need a certain qualification to erect the tent?

Do flying constructions have a snow load calculation?

What are the delivery times of the tents?

Can the tents be customised?

Are the tents allowed to stand open?

May the tents be pitched at any time of the year?

Can the tents be erected without anchoring?

Industry Solutions

What are the applications for lightweight halls?

What are the advantages of a lightweight hall over a conventional building?

Are RÖDER lightweight halls just as durable as conventional halls?

Is a building permit required for the construction of a lightweight hall?

Is the inspection book included in the scope of delivery when renting a temporary hall?

What ground conditions are required for the assembly of the hall?

What factors should be taken into account when requesting a hall?

  • "The RÖDER Sales Team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have."

    Markus Zeiger, Head of Sales Germany