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RÖDER’s H-TENTS are ideal for small to medium events. They combine a modern look with compact measurements and quick, easy set-up and dismantling. Like almost all RÖDER marquee systems, the H-TENT series can also be extensively adjusted and customised in terms of span widths, lengths and heights as well as modular dimensions. This high degree of flexibility makes it possible to set up the H-TENTS at virtually any conceivable location. The high-quality materials and statically tested stability ensure safety and durability.

The range of accessories for the H-TENT series includes a number of optional components, from flooring systems and special frame construction, doors and facade elements to heating and lighting systems.

We would be happy to help you find the right H-TENT product for your event. Simply get in touch!

Party Marquee Holiday

The RÖDER H-TENT Holiday Party Marquee – classic and versatile.

RÖDER Holiday Party Marquee

One tent for almost any use: the Holiday tent from RÖDER can be adapted to suit any desired scenario. Span widths between four and ten metres and optional modular dimensions of 3m or 5m, make it possible to create custom space concepts that can be easily extended – as is standard for all RÖDER tent systems. Lots of useful details and the large degree of design freedom when integrating technical and decorative elements make the Holiday tent a classic, versatile event location.

Aside you will find a list of key information and dimensions for the standard Holiday party marquee. If you require more detailed information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

  • Party Marquee Holiday 600

    Party Marquee Holiday 600

  • Party Marquee Holiday 800

    Party Marquee Holiday 800

  • Party Marquee Holiday 1000

    Party Marquee Holiday 1000