Premium RÖDER Marquees from the S-TENT series – for exclusive, prestigious events

Röder premium marquees

The S-TENT series –
for exclusive, prestigious events

The RÖDER Group’s premium S-TENT series are the ‘go-to’ range when an event needs to have a certain level of class and take place in a setting with a more ‘exclusive’ feel. In this ‘business class’ of marquee and hall systems, RÖDER combines spacious room layouts with a design that is modern and guarantees a certain prestige. Their cube-shaped design houses lavish window fronts, terraces, galleries and many other unusual elements that scream ‘premium’.

Another special and trendsetting feature of the S-TENT range of marquees is their use of air-filled thermal roof elements, which create a very pleasant indoor climate and lower the amount of energy consumed by the air-conditioning system used.

It is also possible to complement the exclusive ambiance provided by our premium marquees with numerous other elements, with options such as the latest in air-conditioning and lighting systems, a modular facade system and individual scaffolding structures.

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RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Classic

The RÖDER S-TENTS Solution - aesthetic, impressive, forward-looking

RÖDER S-Tents SOLUTION Classic Marquee

A classical architectural solution setting trends in mobile tent and hall construction: the RÖDER Group’s Solution classic event hall from the S-TENT series impresses onlookers even at first glance with its cubic shape and large window facades, which allow daylight to pour in and light up the inside of the hall. All of the materials used in the Solution classic meet the toughest of quality requirements, while its modular design allows ample scope for extensions and as much space as you need. All of these features help you to hold successful events that your guests won’t easily forget.


  •  RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Classic

    RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Classic - Rendering

  • RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Classic XL

    RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Classic XL - Rendering

RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Plus

The RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Plus - elegance on two levels

RÖDER S-Tents SOLUTION Plus Marquee

For prestige and advertising appeal: RÖDER’s Solution plus event hall provides ample space across two levels and is therefore ideal for holding exhibitions, conferences, sales events and any other projects that require a well-laid-out space. With a clearspan width of ten to 30 metres, the Solution plus has the capacity for large numbers and ensures guests are both comfortable and safe in their surroundings. Optional extras such as exclusive glass-aluminium facades, lighting and air-conditioning systems and suitable furniture all add to the stylish appearance of this event hall.

  • RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Plus

    RÖDER S-TENTS Solution Plus