Multi-aisled lightweight hall

The RÖDER Group built a freight and sorting centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

A multi-aisle lightweight hall

The RÖDER Group has built an impressive freight and sorting centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport with six multi-aisle lightweight halls. Each of these halls measures an impressive 40 metres in width, 85 metres in length and 6.20 metres in side height, resulting in a total area of 20,400 m². Thanks to the modular design of the RÖDER H-Line halls, the entire project was completed in just 10 weeks, with 38 lorry loads delivering the required material totalling 800 tonnes to the construction site.

State-of-the-art equipment

The halls are equipped with special thermal roofs and 80 mm thick sandwich panel walls, which have a non-combustible mineral wool core. This construction not only ensures excellent insulation, but also high energy efficiency and protection against condensation. This makes them ideal for use in logistics, where temperature control and environmental resistance are of paramount importance.


Flexibility and expandability in hall construction

With spans of up to 40 metres and side heights of up to 8.2 metres, RÖDER industrial buildings offer enormous space for a wide variety of uses. The system construction of the halls allows them to be quickly adapted to changing requirements, whether by extending their length and width or by quickly dismantling them. This flexibility makes the lightweight hall the ideal choice for temporary or permanent facilities in areas such as logistics, trade and production.

Insulation and air conditioning for industrial requirements

The insulated versions of the RÖDER halls are specially designed for high loads caused by wind and snow, with wind loads of up to 140 km/h and snow loads of up to 3.0 kN/m². The double-walled, air-filled roof tarpaulins not only ensure excellent climate control, but also significant energy savings.

The RÖDER Group's extensive expertise in the planning and realisation of complex hall projects makes it the ideal partner for anyone looking to rent a multi-aisle lightweight hall. Whether you need a short-term solution for a major event or are planning a long-term expansion of your infrastructure - the modular halls from RÖDER offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution.


Your partner for modular hall solutions

If you would like to rent a lightweight hall, RÖDER not only offers you high-quality products, but also comprehensive advice and support from planning to completion. Contact us for a customised solution that is precisely tailored to your requirements.

Technical details

Width: 40,00 m
Length: 85,00 m
Area: 20.400,00 m²
Side height: 6,20 m
Roof: PVC thermo tarpaulin
Facade: ISO panels, 80 mm

Lightweight Hall

The RÖDER Group has built a new freight and sorting centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport.