Party marquee - elegant and sustainable

A high-quality event tent was set up in the picturesque setting of Trieste, Italy, for a wedding celebration. It not only provided protection, but also became the centrepiece of an unforgettable wedding celebration. With an impressive span of 15 metres and a length of 30 metres, this high-quality event tent creates the perfect setting for the most beautiful day in the life of a couple – for 150 guests including.


The RÖDER Group: pioneers of exclusive event solutions

The RÖDER Group, known for its innovative tent solutions, was already setting new standards in the industry with projects at the turn of the millennium. Inspired by projects such as the spectacular Maison Hermès event in Shanghai, where a RÖDER Large Marquee with a transparent roof was used for an extraordinary gala dinner, we brought the luxury of the fashion world to the world of private, exclusive celebrations.


Well-thought-out design for comfort and efficiency

The exclusive party tent in Trieste impresses with its 5-metre truss spacing, which not only offers an impressive look, but also has practical advantages. The open sides enable catering staff to work quickly and efficiently, while white side curtains act as elegant scaffolding cladding on the main supports.


Polygonal roof tarpaulins: aesthetics and functionality in harmony

A particular highlight is the polygonal roof covers, which not only look impressive but also offer numerous practical advantages:

Natural light for a unique atmosphere: transparent roof covers allow daylight to enter the tent, creating a bright and friendly atmosphere. This not only creates a pleasant ambience, but also reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day, which in turn saves energy.

Connection to the environment: The transparent elements make guests feel less confined and allow them to maintain a connection to nature. The view of the sky, passing clouds or even stars in the evening can become an unforgettable part of the experience.

Flexibility in changing weather: transparent roof covers provide protection from rain and wind without completely losing the feeling of an open-air event. When the weather is nice, guests can enjoy the view upwards, and when it rains, the sound of the raindrops on the roof creates a cosy atmosphere.

From disposable to reusable: the standard in event catering

In times when sustainability is also gaining in importance at luxury events, it has become standard practice to use high-quality reusable crockery and cutlery. There are now enough caterers who focus on sustainable production and use of everything – from the decoration to the culinary product. This not only emphasises the exclusive character of the event, but also significantly reduces waste. A trend that will also become increasingly prevalent in tent and event structures.


Local cuisine meets global tastes

Working with local caterers who use seasonal and regional products not only reduces the carbon footprint, but also offers culinary highlights that combine the tradition of Trieste with international influences.


Technical details

Width: 15,00 m
Length: 30,00 m
Area: 300,00 m²
Side height: 3,00 m
Roof: High-quality, transparent PVC roof cover incl. gable
Facade: partly open

Flooring systems: combining stability and sustainability

The high-quality flooring systems provide a level surface and at the same time offer comfort for guests. They are robust enough for dance floors and can be adapted to different terrain – an example of durable and reusable event solutions.


Aesthetic cladding for a harmonious overall appearance

The side arch cladding of the eaves purlins and the purlin cladding with side arch overhangs give the tent an elegant touch. As simple as it sounds, these details contribute significantly to the exclusive atmosphere and emphasise the high-quality, but also sustainable character of the event. The entrance portals on the gable sides are not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher.


Exclusive event tents: a trend with a future

The growing demand for exclusive event tents for weddings shows that couples are looking for unique locations that reflect their personality and create unforgettable memories. A party tent like this one in Trieste offers the perfect solution: it combines the freedom of an outdoor event with the comfort and security of a protected space, without losing sight of the environment.

Exclusivity and responsibility combined

An exclusive party tent offers the unique opportunity to organise your wedding or company anniversary exactly as you imagine it – without harming the environment. It combines flexibility, elegance and sustainability in a unique way.

Are you ready to celebrate your dream event in an exclusive and environmentally friendly event tent? Contact us today to find out more about our customised, sustainable tent solutions. Together, we will create the perfect setting for your unforgettable event – with a clear conscience for the future.