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Temporary retail space for Lee Jeans - Unique pop-up stores with S-Tents SOLUTION Plus.

Innovative pop-up store

Lee Jeans has relied on the S-Tents SOLUTION Plus to create an attractive and flexible temporary retail space for its innovative pop-up stores. These temporary retail spaces offer a perfect solution for brands that want to bring their products directly and effectively to the customer.

Why hire a temporary retail space for your event?

Temporary retail spaces such as Lee's pop-up stores offer numerous advantages. They allow brands to react quickly to market changes, test new products, increase brand awareness and interact directly with customers. They also offer the flexibility to be present in different locations without the cost and long-term commitment of a traditional retail shop.


The advantages of the S-Tent SOLUTION Plus

The S-Tents SOLUTION Plus tents are ideal for brands looking to rent an eye-catching and stylish showroom. Not only are these tents quick to erect and dismantle, they are also highly customisable and can be designed to suit your needs. The high-quality materials and robust construction ensure that the pop-up stores are both functional and visually appealing.


Effective customer loyalty and increased visibility

With a temporary retail space, companies like Lee Jeans can effectively attract new customers and strengthen existing customer relationships. By utilising well-designed and strategically placed pop-up stores, brands can achieve a significant increase in footfall and, as a result, an increase in sales figures



Flexible choice of location for maximum impact

The ability to rent a showroom gives companies the freedom to make their presence felt where they will have the greatest impact. Whether in a busy shopping street, at a festival or during a special event, Lee Jeans pop-up stores can be placed wherever their target audience is most present.


Customised design options

Each pop-up store can be customised to present the brand in the best possible way. From the interior design to the façade, Lee Jeans has the ability to customise every aspect of its temporary retail space to create a distinctive and inviting shopping environment.


Rent your showroom with S-Tents SOLUTION Plus

For brands looking for an effective and flexible solution to be present at markets and maintain direct contact with their customers, renting a showroom with S-Tents SOLUTION Plus is an excellent option. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke temporary retail space solutions and how we can help you realise your next successful pop-up store campaign.

Technical details

Width: 15,00 m
Length: 15,00 m
Area: 225,00 m²
Side height: 8,00 m
Roof: PVC tarpaulin, white with Attika
Facade: Partial glass-aluminium façade cladding

Many years of expertise

RÖDER has many years of experience in supporting sports event agencies for major sporting events. We have been equipping Formula 1 and other sporting events with event and premium tents since 1988. Benefit from our experience - we will be happy to advise you.