Temporary art gallery for Wuzhen Art Exhibition

RÖDER China has built an impressive temporary art gallery in Wuzhen for the International Contemporary Art Exhibition.

Extraordinary tent hall for an art exhibition

RÖDER China has built an impressive temporary art hall for the International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Wuzhen. The SOLUTION hall, measuring 30m x 40m and 10 metres high, provides the perfect setting for extraordinary works of art and installations.


Temporary art hall - customised solution for art exhibitions

Our temporary art hall was specially designed and built for the Wuzhen Art Exhibition. The hall combines a sturdy aluminium and glass façade with generous dimensions to create an ideal environment for the presentation of contemporary art.

  • Further details of the temporary art hall:
  • Aluminium-glass façade: 1400 m²
  • Assembly time: 18 days
  • RÖDER product: SOLUTION

The inviting glass façade directly on the lake blends harmoniously into the ambience of the "water village" in Wuzhen and creates an impressive connection between architecture and nature.


Temporary art gallery - ideal for international art exhibitions

The temporary art hall is not only a practical solution for temporary events, but also a real eye-catcher. Its modern architecture and high-quality design make it the ideal choice for international art exhibitions such as the Wuzhen Art Exhibition.


Quality and service from RÖDER China

At RÖDER China, quality is our top priority. Our experienced team ensures that every temporary art gallery meets the highest standards. From planning to implementation, we offer customised solutions that perfectly meet your requirements.

Advantages of the temporary art gallery

Fast construction: The hall was completed in just 18 days and offers a flexible solution for temporary art exhibitions.
Aesthetic design: The combination of aluminium and glass creates a modern and stylish appearance that puts the works of art in the right light.
High functionality: With a height of 9 metres, the hall offers sufficient space for large art installations and enables versatile use of the interior space.


Technical details

Width: 30,00 m
Length: 40,00 m
Area: 1.200,00 m²
Side height: 9,00 m
Roof: PVC roof tarpaulin with parapet panels
Facade: Aluminium-glass facade