Loading and unloading hall

A small transshipment hall as a storage tent offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for short-term or seasonal storage requirements.

Covered solutions for optimised warehouse management

A small transshipment hall as a storage tent offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for short-term or seasonal storage requirements. It is quick to erect and dismantle and easily adapts to different locations. These tents are particularly useful for events or in agriculture where temporary additional space is required.

Efficient loading and unloading hall

Efficient logistics are crucial for companies involved in the production of floor coverings. A covered loading and unloading hall offers an ideal solution for this, especially when it comes to protecting raw materials and finished goods during the loading and unloading process.


Tunnel roofing

Such a hall, such as the tunnel roofing with a span of 12.5 m, a length of 25 m and an eaves height of 5 m, which was erected in just three days, represents a flexible and cost-effective alternative.


Advantages of a covered loading and unloading zone

  • Weather protection: the canopy protects the goods from rain, snow and extreme sunlight, which is particularly important to maintain the quality of the floor coverings. This reduces the risk of water damage, discolouration and other weather-related damage.
  • Increased efficiency: By covering the loading and unloading areas, work processes can continue regardless of weather conditions, which leads to an increase in productivity. Employee safety is also improved thanks to non-slip, dry work surfaces.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: The integration of LED lighting in the hall ensures bright, energy-efficient lighting, which contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption. This not only during the day, but especially in the early morning or late evening hours.



Flexibility and mobility: As demonstrated in the project for the flooring manufacturer, a transshipment hall can be quickly assembled and dismantled as a storage tent and adapted to different locations. This is ideal for companies that require seasonal or short-term storage solutions, such as in agriculture or at events.

Cost efficiency: Compared to the construction of fixed storage structures, such mobile halls are much cheaper to purchase and also to maintain. They offer a high ROI thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the storage solutions.

Mobile storage solution

The loading and unloading hall, specially equipped with modern LED lighting and constructed from high-quality materials, offers not only protection and efficiency, but also an adaptable solution that is specially tailored to the needs of modern production and storage processes. For companies looking to optimise their logistics processes, this is a superior alternative.

Customised roofing

Discover how your company can also benefit from such a solution. A well-planned loading and unloading bay makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and ensuring product quality, while reducing costs and protecting the environment.




Technical details

Width: 12,50 m
Length: 25,00 m
Area: 312,50 m²
Side height: 5,00 m
Roof: PVC roof tarpaulin, white
Facade: Internal trapezoidal sheet metal

Efficient cold store solutions

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