More than a marquee!

Our bespoke BODEGA tents with impressive glass and aluminium façades not only offer protection from the elements, but also an exclusive backdrop for any event.

Spanish-style catering tent

The Rheinhotel Dreesen in Bonn Bad Godesberg is known for its picturesque chestnut garden directly on the banks of the Rhine. Fritz Olaf Dreesen, the former managing director of the hotel, was faced with the challenge of temporarily utilising this popular location for events. He found the ideal solution in the construction of a customised pavilion consisting of several BODEGA tents, which were specially designed for catering purposes.

Curved roof Construction

The highlight of this installation is the elegant, curved roof construction, which blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings of the garden. This construction was not only an eye-catcher, but also offered functional added value. Thanks to the use of robust glass and aluminium façades, guests and event organisers enjoyed an uninterrupted view of the Rhine, regardless of the weather conditions.


Stylish ambience

The marquee construction in the Kastaniengarten offered enough space for a variety of events on an area of over 350 m². Whether banquets, weddings or other social events, up to 200 guests could be accommodated here for unforgettable moments. The additional kitchen area and an exclusive lounge area in an attractive pagoda tent extended the pavilion's utilisation options while offering a hospitable and stylish ambience.

Expanding capacities

The innovative use of open spaces with an event tent is an excellent way to increase the attractiveness of catering establishments and expand capacity regardless of the season. The Rheinhotel Dreesen shows how creative interior design and high-quality tent architecture can create an inviting and functional area that can be used all year round.


Utilising open space effectively

This concept impressively proves that investing in a catering tent can be a worthwhile decision for many companies that want to use their open spaces effectively and offer their guests a warm welcome even in the colder months. Discover the many possibilities that such a tent can offer for your event business or catering facility.


Technical details

Width: 6,00 m
Length: 30,00 m
Area: 180,00 m²
Side height: 2,30 m
Roof: Single-layer PVC tarpaulin, white and transparent alternating
Facade: Glass-aluminium façade

An elegant addition

Here is a short video of the former managing director.