Permanent marquees for the Paris fire brigade

RÖDER has erected permanent marquees for the Paris Fire Brigade, which are used as garages for emergency vehicles.

The Paris fire brigade uses special industrial tents for emergency services, which were erected by RÖDER. These permanent tents offer ideal conditions for the accommodation and rapid deployment of fire engines.


Individual tents for emergency services

Our industrial tents for emergency services were specially developed to meet the requirements of the Paris fire brigade. With a span of 10 metres and a length of 40 metres, these tents offer sufficient space for 16 fire engines. The side height of 4.60 metres allows easy access for trucks and large emergency vehicles.


Special features of the fire brigade operations halls

The tents are equipped with 16 high-speed roller doors, which enable smooth and efficient use of the vehicles. In addition, various personnel doors as well as exterior and interior lighting with LED systems ensure optimum working conditions. Poor lighting is particularly important at fire station locations. The exterior façade consists of internal ISO trapezoidal sheets, which provide additional stability and safety.

The roofs are made of PVC tarpaulins. They are translucent, weather-resistant and durable. This design provides secure protection for the fire brigade's expensive and sensitive emergency vehicles.

Permanent marquees - the ideal solution for emergency services

Our permanent marquees are not only robust and durable, but also specially tailored to the needs of emergency services. The tents offer sufficient space and protection for emergency vehicles, equipment and personnel. The different side heights of the S-Line cold halls make it easy for lorries to drive through, which increases the efficiency and operational readiness of the fire service.



Efficient deployment logistics during operations

The combination of different halls ensures flexible utilisation and adaptation to the specific requirements of the Paris fire brigade. The location and the fact that the vehicles do not obstruct each other when leaving the halls posed a particular challenge due to the space problems. It is also better to avoid parking spaces that are too small.

Thanks to the modular design, it was possible to achieve efficient deployment logistics during operations, as the emergency vehicles are called out to different operations several times a day at the same time.


Technical details

Width: 10,00 m
Length: 40,00 m
Area: 800,00 m²
Side height: 4,60 m
Roof: PVC tarpaulin, white
Facade: Internal trapezoidal sheet metal

Quality and service from RÖDER France

At RÖDER France, quality is our top priority. Our experienced team supports you from the planning to the realisation of your industrial tents. We use only the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our tent solutions meet your highest expectations. The Paris Fire Brigade benefits from RÖDER's customised industrial marquees. Rely on our expertise for your next firefighting equipment and experience quality and service at the highest level.