Warehouse with docking stations

Flexibility is crucial in the dynamic world of logistics and distribution. In 2011 and 2022, we realised a major expansion project for FRANKEN BRUNNEN.

Interconnected Storage Halls

Flexibility in logistics led to a major expansion of FRANKEN BRUNNEN's capacities through the construction of three interconnected H-Line halls totaling 13,950 square meters, completed in August 2011, respective 2022.



Flexibility is crucial in the dynamic world of logistics and distribution.

In 2011, we realised a major project for FRANKEN BRUNNEN. Our customer recognised the need to expand its capacities and chose our tried-and-tested H-Line hall for this. This modular construction method is characterised by its flexibility and expandability.

Each of the three halls erected next to each other boasts impressive dimensions: a span of 30 metres, a length of 90 metres and a side height of 5.2 metres. The total area of all three halls in 2011 was 8,100 square metres.


Short assembly times

The multi-aisle structures were erected in a record time of just 32 days, allowing FRANKEN BRUNNEN to react quickly to changing market conditions. The halls are equipped with 4 lorry loading stations and roller shutters, which ensure an efficient flow of goods and thus guarantee a smooth process within the company's supply chain.



Technical details

Width: 30,00 m
Length: 90,00 m
Area: 8.100,00 m²
Side height: 5,20 m
Roof: PVC Thermo roof
Facade: Sandwich panels, insulated

H-Line series

The H-Line series from RÖDER presents a high-tech and cost-effective solution for premium warm halls, designed for enduring use and offering a comfortable indoor environment. Characterized by their vast span widths and adjustable side heights, these halls provide ample space suited for a variety of demanding applications.