Covering contaminated products

Industrial companies and companies in the environmental, waste and recycling industries often have to deal with contaminated end products (e.g. soil, old machines and tools, contaminated steel scrap, old electrical appliances, polystyrene waste, etc.).

The following challenges exist

  • Rain and wind can wash pollutants out of the products and into the soil and groundwater.

  • Contaminated dust can spread in the surrounding area.

  • Weather conditions can further damage the contaminated products.

  • Open storage may violate environmental regulations.

  • Handling the products is more difficult without a roof.



Potential advantages

Covering contaminated products with storage tents or industrial tents offers the following potential advantages for industrial companies and companies in the environmental sector:

  • Prevents the leaching of pollutants through precipitation
  • Reduces the spread of contaminated dust
  • Minimises the risk of exposure to harmful substances for employees and residents
  • Protects stored materials from further weather damage
  • Helps to comply with environmental regulations and requirements
  • Operational efficiency is increased because work can be carried out regardless of the weather and the accessibility and handling of the products is improved
  • Cost savings are achieved because long-term environmental clean-up costs are reduced.
  • Can also improve your image by demonstrating a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society
  • Depending on the design, our storage tents can be expanded and made mobile
  • Potential for additional functions can be provided depending on the equipment, such as certain filter systems or ventilation systems


Technical details

Width: 25,00 m
Length: 120,00 m
Area: 3.125,00 m²
Side height: 10,00 m
Roof: High-quality PVC roof sheeting
Facade: High-quality PVC side tarpaulins

Solutions for the storage of nuclear waste in El Cabril, Spain

The Spanish RÖDER subsidiary ForoTechnico has implemented a groundbreaking project for the storage of nuclear waste in El Cabril, Spain. Three specially designed and equipped large tents were installed to serve as recycling halls for low-level radioactive waste.


Technical specifications

The storage tents installed are impressive in size:

  • Tent 1: 20 m x 115 m
  • Tent 2: 25 m x 120 m
  • Tent 3: 53 m x 122 m

All the tents have variable side heights of 6 metres on one side and 10 metres on the other. In total, they provide a floor space of more than 11,500 square metres for the safe storage of nuclear waste.


Safety and stability

An outstanding feature of these structures is their exceptional stability. The tents are designed to withstand continuous hurricane-force winds. This ensures the safety of the stored materials even under extreme weather conditions.


Environmental relevance and functional storage halls

The use of these tents as recycling halls for low-level nuclear waste underlines the importance of sustainable solutions in dealing with radioactive materials. This facility makes a significant contribution to safe disposal and storage, minimising potential environmental risks.

The combination of flexibility, stability and size of RÖDER storage tents opens up new possibilities for the temporary or long-term storage of various materials under demanding conditions.