Exceptional yoga room

This construction impresses with its solid design, starting with the posts with a profile thickness of 94x48x3 mm, which are designed in a 4-groove profile and therefore guarantee maximum stability and functionality.

Party tent becomes an innovative yoga room

In an exquisite yoga resort, a party tent has been transformed into a yoga room equipped with translucent PVC, robust profile constructions and a high-quality wooden floor to create a harmonious atmosphere for up to 120 m² of relaxation and inner contemplation.

New definition of yoga space

Amidst the peaceful atmosphere of an exquisite yoga resort, a carefully constructed party tent that has been specially transformed into a haven of relaxation and inner contemplation. This tent, traditionally a symbol of gathering and celebration, has found a new purpose as a yoga space. The roof construction is characterised by curved roof rails, which are designed with a profile thickness of 81x48x3 mm in a 2-groove profile and thus form an attractive and robust roof line.


Transparent PVC tarpaulin

The roof tarpaulin is made of high-quality, translucent or white PVC, which offers pleasant light transmission without compromising on weather resistance. A transparent PVC tarpaulin was chosen for the façade and side walls, which not only offers protection, but also provides a clear view to the outside and thus conveys an open feeling of space.

Inside, a high-quality wooden floor with laminate rounds off the concept, giving the room a warm and inviting atmosphere. With its dimensions - a width of 8 metres, a length of 15 metres and a generous side height of 2.3 metres - the structure offers a total of 120 m² of usable space that can be used in a variety of ways, whether for events, storage purposes or as a temporary exhibition space.

Technical details

Width: 8,00 m
Length: 15,00 m
Area: 120,00 m²
Side height: 2,30 m
Roof: PVC roof tarpaulin, partly transparent
Facade: PVC side curtains, partly transparent