Perfect training conditions for riders

The Cavola indoor riding arena from RÖDER offers ideal conditions for equestrian training. With a span of 21 metres and a length of 40 metres, it is perfect for dressage, show jumping and leisure riding.

With the indoor riding arena, the customer from Bavaria has expanded its training facilities for riding enthusiasts.  In addition, the entire area for riding and breeding horses was usefully supplemented with the indoor riding arena. In addition, the green PVC roof and façade tarpaulins blend harmoniously into the ensemble of the site.



Technical details of the Cavola indoor riding arena

With a span of 21 metres and a length of 40 metres, it ensures that various disciplines can be practised simultaneously for training purposes. For example, dressage can be practised in one corner and jumping exercises in the rest of the indoor arena. This size also complies with the standard dressage rectangle.

The standard 2.50 m spacing between the trusses and the side height of 4.40 m ensure a safe standing area. The incidence of light is therefore sufficient and is increased by wind protection netting.


Construction and materials of the riding arena

The indoor riding arena was built to the highest quality standards. The frame construction consists of aluminium profiles with hot-dip galvanised steel connecting parts. The roof covering is made of flame-retardant PVC tarpaulin fabric in green colour, which complies with DIN 4102 B1.

An internal railing provides the necessary protection for horses and riders. The sides are covered with PVC tarpaulins up to the height of the railing. Wind protection nets provide the necessary protection from the height of the boarding. The nets are also flame-retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 B1.



A two-part sliding door provides a wide entrance area and is also covered with PVC tarpaulins. The clear passage width is 4 metres and the clear passage height is 3.80 metres. This ensures sufficient space for riders, horses and tractors. Optional equipment is of course also available on request, for example guttering, wooden boards and lighting such as LED tub lights for damp rooms.


Further advantages of the indoor riding arena

  • Robustness: The construction is designed for a ground snow load of 0.85 kN/m².
  • Flexibility: The hall can be flexibly constructed and customised thanks to the ground anchor system.
  • Safety: The indoor riding arena is made of flame-retardant material in accordance with DIN 4102, B1. This means we fulfil the highest safety standards.


Technical details

Width: 21,00 m
Length: 40,00 m
Area: 840,00 m²
Side height: 4,40 m
Roof: PVC tarpaulin
Facade: PVC tarpaulin, inner wooden band, wind protection net

Rent or buy?

Both are possible

  • Why hire an indoor riding arena?
    Renting an indoor riding arena offers flexibility and makes it possible to respond to seasonal and short-term requirements.
  • What are the advantages of an indoor arena?
    Cold halls are cost-effective and quick to set up. They offer protection from the weather and create optimum training conditions.