Temporary accommodations for refugees

RÖDER Germany produced sophisticated refugee accommodation to meet the needs of European countries. For example, RÖDER constructed 12 buildings in Bochum, Germany, which were designed for 56 people per unit.

Important aspects of the project

Location and infrastructure

Bochum had chosen strategically favourable locations for the accommodation, which were both well connected to public transport and close to educational and healthcare facilities. This ensured that residents had easy access to essential services.


Modern and safe accommodation

The accommodation in Bochum was modern and offered a high level of security and comfort. The accommodation consisted of snow-load-capable halls with thermal roof tarpaulins and ISO panels, which ensured a pleasant indoor climate. The energy-efficient lightweight halls were not only sustainable, but also quickly available and easy to assemble.

Integration and support

Another key element of the project was to promote the integration of the refugees into the local community. Numerous programmes were offered, including language courses, vocational training and cultural events, which promoted exchange and understanding between the refugees and the locals.


Successful implementation and positive response

The project was already very well received at the time. Twelve buildings were rented in Bochum, each designed for 56 people. Each residential unit comprised 14 bedrooms for four people each, which were divided by soundproof partitions to ensure privacy for the residents.

Sustainability and future prospects

The materials used complied with strict international fire safety regulations and were sustainable and energy-efficient. The lightweight halls from RÖDER were modular and therefore flexibly expandable, which enabled cost-efficient adaptation to changing needs. The buildings were also rented, which allowed a high degree of flexibility for the city.

Technical details

Width: 10,00 m
Length: 30,00 m
Area: 300,00 m²
Side height: 2,40 m
Roof: Thermal roof tarpaulin
Facade: ISO sandwich panels 40 mm

The City of Bochum's reference project was an impressive example of how well thought-out planning and commitment work in the area of refugee accommodation. By opting for rented, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, Bochum also set an example for sustainable and environmentally conscious action in the area of refugee accommodation.