Residential complex for refugees

The "Im Justus" refugee accommodation project in Landau (RP) is an example of how temporary housing solutions can be realised efficiently and quickly. In view of the increasing number of refugees, the city of Landau has developed a modern and flexible accommodation solution that can be either rented or purchased.

Meeting the challenges of municipal crisis management

Many years of cooperation with a number of municipal organisations have shown that providing adequate refugee accommodation or refugee tents in times of acute crises and humanitarian challenges is one of the most complex tasks facing those responsible in municipalities and cities in Germany.




The temporary refugee accommodation "Im Justus" consists of several lightweight halls and containers that have been erected on a site that has already been prepared. The site is located in an industrial estate and offers sufficient space for the necessary infrastructure.


Building complex and facilities

  • Accommodation halls: Two lightweight halls, each with a floor area of 10 x 45 metres, divided into a total of 36 cabins for staying and sleeping. Each cabin is equipped with safety bunk beds, lockers, tables and chairs.
  • Catering hall: A lightweight hall measuring 10 x 25 m, which includes a kitchen area, food counter and dining room as well as an area for childcare and homework supervision.
  • Room containers: Seven room containers for staff, registration, administration and storage.
  • Sanitary containers: Twelve sanitary containers including toilet and shower containers for women, men and people with restricted mobility.

The complex residential complex was built and erected in less than six weeks - the construction time alone took just four weeks!


Flexibility and quality

The facility is designed so that it can be rented or purchased. This offers cities and municipalities the opportunity to react flexibly to current needs. The lightweight halls and containers are built and equipped to the latest standards to provide residents with a safe and comfortable environment.


Advantages of the rental solution

  • Quick availability: The accommodation is set up and ready for occupancy within a very short time.
  • Cost efficiency: renting is often cheaper than buying and offers financial flexibility.
  • Adaptability: The facilities can be expanded or reduced as required



Technical details

Width: 10,00 m
Length: 45,00 m
Area: 1.000,00 m²
Side height: 3,70 m
Roof: Thermal roof tarpaulin
Facade: Insulation panels 60 mm

Purchase option

For longer-term solutions, the purchase of the facilities offers advantages in terms of investment in permanent infrastructure. The robust construction methods of the lightweight halls and containers guarantee a long service life and can be reused at other locations if required.

The "Im Justus" refugee accommodation project is an excellent example of the successful realisation of flexible and high-quality housing solutions for refugees. With the option of renting or buying, it offers local authorities a versatile and efficient solution for responding to the challenges of refugee accommodation.

We offer tent and hall systems to federal states and local authorities for a wide range of applications, for example

  • Replacement construction for school buildings and kindergartens
  • Temporary sports halls and citizens' offices
  • Deployment and team tents for municipal crisis management
  • Tents for storage logistics during on-site crisis operations (e.g. floods, fires, natural disasters, war, etc.)
  • Accommodation for refugees (warm and cold halls)
  • Municipal waste management (recycling and disposal halls)