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RÖDER military solutions

  • RÖDER MILITARY SOLUTIONS - Nato Camp Gardermoen / Norway

    NATO Military Camp Gardemoen / Norway

    In 2018, the NATO exercise "Trident Juncture" took place in Norway with several thousand soldiers. The NATO Camp in Gardemoen has been used by 210 soldiers for 14 days. The 45 halls and tents were used as temporary facilities during the exercise - as premises for organizational tasks, baracks, kitchens and training areas. The RÖDER military hall and tent systems combined easy installation with maximum durability.


    NATO Airplane Hangars

    It is imperative that military vehicles such as planes, helicopters, tanks and all-terrain vehicles are housed securely. The entire vehicle fleet should be at the same time easy to reach and always ready for operation. RÖDER hangars allow a rapid deployment and are highly mobile and proven for use abroad since decades. On a European NATO base, these ten maintenance hangars with a total area of 6,000 m² have been in continuous use for 24 years.