Production Site at RÖDER Zelt- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH

My short internship at RÖDER


I did my student internship from 26.04. to 10.05.2023 at the company Röder Zelt- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH in Büdingen. I was in the marketing and sales department and was able to gain a lot of impressions. During this time, I learned what the marketing and sales department is responsible for.

Organising trade fair participations

This includes, for example, the promotional gifts (give-aways) that are distributed at the fairs. Marketing selects these and then orders them. Marketing also organises the trade fairs. The stands are designed and the promotional gifts as well as the stand equipment, brochures and flyers are packed together.

Designing media

In addition to the fairs and the promotional gifts, Marketing organises a staff magazine several times a year. Here I was allowed to edit pictures for the new magazine. I was also shown various media, such as flags, which Marketing also designs. The signs on the grounds were also designed by Marketing.

Varied job

Besides these things, I also learned a lot about online marketing. I found the marketing department exciting, and very interesting, because I could always learn something different. It's a varied job. Making phone calls to the subsidiaries is also part of it.


The colleagues at Röder are very friendly. Whether in the warehouse, production or in the office, I got to know them during a tour of the site. The colleagues were very open and gave me an interesting insight.

The working atmosphere in all departments is very pleasant. I really enjoyed my time at Röder and would do another internship here at any time. I can only recommend it.

I especially liked the fact that I was involved in decisions. I was also able to go along to a trade fair with two experienced colleagues and get to know the trade fair process. This experience report and a comment I wrote on Instagram about the Girl's-Boy's Day are among my highlights. In conclusion, I can only recommend an internship at this company with these great colleagues to everyone.

Do you also want to start an internship at RÖDER? Then get in touch with us: Simply send your application with details of the internship period and the field of activity to our personnel department. RÖDER Zelt- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH, Ms Sabine Kröll | Am Lautenstein 5 | 63654 Büdingen, e-mail: