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"The sustainability of tents is a significant competitive advantage"

Jochen Groth has been the new Managing Director of the RÖDER Group since 1 November 2023. In an interview with the trade magazine "Zelt und Co.", Mr Groth explains why the sustainability of tents is a significant competitive advantage. As Chief Operation Officer (COO), he leads the RÖDER Group together with Philipp von Hülsen, who has already been in charge of the company's fortunes as Chief Finance Officer since 2022.


Mr Groth, you have been Chief Operation Officer at RÖDER since November, alongside Philipp von Hülsen (CFO). What made you decide to join the RÖDER Group?

I was impressed by the unique, global positioning of the RÖDER Group in the tent industry. My previous experience, most recently as Managing Director at Cover All and Technical Director at Losberger de Boer, gave me a broad perspective. The opportunity to work with such an experienced team was a challenge that I gladly accepted. The chance to contribute my expertise in the areas of technology, production, logistics and assembly at RÖDER in order to further develop the company with a customer focus and exceed customer expectations is particularly appealing.

What is your first impression of the company?

My first impression of the RÖDER Group is very positive. I have found a company that builds on over 60 years of history and is characterised by the individuality and wide range of applications of its modular tent and hall systems. The innovative approach and flexibility in application offer the customer maximum benefit.

How were you received by the staff?

I was warmly welcomed by the staff. It is obvious that there is a strong team spirit, the likes of which I have rarely found in other companies, and that everyone is committed to contributing to the company's continued success. I am looking forward to working with this team.

What ideas do you have for the future of the RÖDER Group?

We will concentrate on improving our products and services in order to fulfil our customers' requirements even better and open up new markets. I also see great potential for the future in further expanding our existing strengths and developing innovative solutions in the areas of event and industrial tents.

Will the marquee industry continue to do good business with storage marquees?

Yes, I believe that storage marquees will continue to be an important area of business. They offer flexible and cost-effective solutions for storage needs, which is particularly in demand in fast-moving industries. However, I also see further applications for higher-quality aluminium halls beyond the pure, often temporary use for storage purposes.

How will the event tent sector develop?

The event tent sector has great potential for growth. We will focus on further developing our product range for our customers in order to offer innovative and customised solutions for a wide variety of events - from festivals and concerts to major sporting events and trade fairs. A "revival" is recognisable. From our own participation in trade fairs, we can see that of¬fline events are very much in demand again. We want to strengthen this area, also in order to support our customers in this field.

Is the sustainability of marquees a competitive advantage?

Absolutely. The sustainability of tents is a significant competitive advantage, as customers are increasingly looking for environmentally conscious solutions. Our marquees offer a sustainable alternative to permanent structures as they are reusable, flexible and energy efficient.

Which international markets are important for the RÖDER Group?

Every customer worldwide is important to us. We offer service either directly or through local partners. The industrial market offers worldwide potential. Both nationally and internationally, we offer our partners the opportunity to draw on our experience and resources in the industrial sector in order to open up new markets together.

What are your goals for your first year with the RÖDER Group?

My main goal for the first year is to integrate myself into the company and to understand the existing processes in order to focus them on the customer as quickly as possible. I want to develop effective strategies with the team to strengthen customer benefits and drive innovation. It is also important to me to build strong relationships within the team and with our customers.

Thanks to the Magazine "Zelt und Co.", Issue December 2023, p. 26-27.