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Simple is not good enough for us

Greater stability through stronger profiles

Here are some tips on what you should consider before buying or renting a party tent. Don't let your event quickly "fall through the cracks" because you save in the wrong places.

Ordinary party tents have a (tubular) steel frame which is powder-coated. You should pay attention to this because it protects the tent frame from rusting too quickly. However, the poles are often only between 1.1 - 1.7 mm thick. Our profiles, on the other hand, are 3 mm thick and therefore not only more stable, but also suitable for difficult weather conditions thanks to the coating. It also ensures the correspondingly better stability of the tent frame than the usual (steel tube) poles.


No click system for the poles

Over time, the click studs become jammed and can "grow" due to the weather. Often a lot of force is also needed to push in the knobs when hardened and there is a risk of pinching fingers. If only springs and wires are used with the click systems, the composite system quickly breaks down. In this respect, extra wide springs and sufficiently large push buttons should be considered when buying. We recommend, even if the assembly takes longer, to use at least a linkage with screw connections or with bolts, as these are more robust and stable. We use so-called tilting bolts which are faster and safer in the erection of our tents.


High-quality PVC tarpaulins are more robust and durable

Our PVC tarpaulins may be heavier, but they are also more robust and durable and have a high tear strength of 280 / 280 daN. PE material is often used for simpler, so-called professional tents. Here the seams are often leaky. Therefore, the seam must be additionally sealed with tent seam sealing tape.

With our tarpaulins you get: high-strength brand-name polyester fabric (Western European manufacture) with anti-wicking effect (Lowick), surface sealed on both sides with dirt-repellent PVDF varnish, fungicidal and flame-retardant according to international standards, total weight per unit area 650 g/sqm.


No push-button system for the side tarpaulins and panelling.

Although it can be erected easily and quickly, it can also tear more quickly. Water spots form which can lead to rust and discolour the tarpaulin. Press-studs are often fastened in the wrong place, so that they have to be straightened again at great expense. Depending on the quality of the press studs, the heads can break off after repeated use.


The simple eyelet system should also be well made.

What does this mean when considering a purchase? Often the eyelets are punched out and not further processed. Further processing means that the eyelets are reinforced with metal inserts or additionally stabilised with a round stitch. However, these are the small traps that occur with cheap "professional tents" and tear after perhaps 3-4 times of use. You should at least make sure that the respective eyelets are additionally reinforced with an additional tarpaulin material. The ball rubbers also wear out quickly, depending on how they are cut and processed. In the worst case, wind will come through the openings and destabilise the tent even more. In our tent systems for events, we use the rated system loop and tear-proof eyelet fastener or zip fastener.


Classic, modular construction principle with tent ensemble

With flexible and modular construction, you can achieve impressive volumes and areas. There are hardly any limits to creativity and composition. You can even entertain over 100 standing guests in four 5 x 5 m Highlight Pagodas. You can do without a 4 x 12 m or 6 x 10 m tent as an alternative if you prefer the ambience and style of the Highlight Pagodas with a high ceiling.

P-TENTS tents from RÖDER are always used when classic shapes and a modular construction are desired. The P-TENT series provides freedom - not just at the event, but already at the planning and design stage: the spans, lengths and heights of the tents can be adjusted; the tried-and-tested fastening system ensures easy assembly of decoration and technical elements. Optional components such as floor systems, panelling or extensions ensure a perfectly fitting room concept for every occasion.

Indispensable for events and small-scale celebrations: The classically cut RÖDER party tent is available in spans of 3 to 10 metres and can be extended as required in a 3-metre grid. The high stability, the good weather resistance and the simple, quick assembly make this party tent a "must have" for tent rental companies all over the world.


Made and Engineered in Germany

Quality, safety and durability play an important role in distinguishing us from others. P-TENTS tents not only convince with their unmistakable appearance, but also score points in terms of safety and economy: the systems can be erected quickly, easily and safely; their stability is statically tested. All P-TENTS models are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN 13782.
We will be happy to help you find the right tent for your needs. Get in touch with us!

Or contact a tent rental company in your area. Due to their high level of experience, many requirements and wishes can be clarified here in advance.

Further information and a good overview can also be found in our Tent Solutions brochure.


Author: Jens Sturmhöfel, Head of Tent Solutions. Tent Solutions is RÖDER's business unit for event solutions. Jens has been with RÖDER since 2015. He started in Sales Germany and from 2019 in Sales International until he was appointed Business Unit Manager Tent Solutions at the end of 2021. As a specialist, he looked after events in the festival sector (e.g. Hurricane), in the sports sector (e.g. Bad Homburg Open and the UEFA European Championships 2020, which took place at 13 different locations across Europe and thus presented a unique logistical challenge), among others. Jens is an expert in the focus areas of space solutions for large events, event construction, rental and sales.