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Inspiration for your next big event - How customised marquees from RÖDER enhance every event.

One of our Event and Tent Solutions experts summarises some exceptional examples of how to use RÖDER tents for your next event. Today, event tents are much more than just a protective roof. They are an integral part of events, be it an elegant corporate function, a rollicking party or a major sporting event. As a manufacturer and expert in tent and hall systems, we offer a wide range of solutions that can be flexibly adapted to the different needs and styles of our customers. Allow me to show you some impressive application examples that illustrate the diversity and versatility of our tents.


Tent combination with a "natural look

In the picturesque surroundings of Western Switzerland, our subsidiary Orgatent AG has erected a remarkable tent combination. Our beautiful 10 x 12 metre party tent and the imposing 20 x 25 metre tent with its magnificent wooden structure blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings. With their natural look, these tents blend harmoniously with their surroundings and offer guests a unique experience where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors are blurred.


Event tent with transparent sides

An event tent does not lose its magic when it has transparent side walls and roof tarpaulins. On the contrary, these transparent elements open up fascinating views of the surrounding landscape, especially at night and under moonlight. We fitted a party tent with the generous dimensions of 8 x 27 metres and used partially transparent side curtains. This tent was strategically placed on the shore of a lake to give guests an unrivalled view.


Transparent roof on large tent

Another impressive example is a large 10 x 35 metre tent used for a corporate event. Despite its size and the festive gala seating, a transparent roof was used. This allowed the sky to be seen and created a sense of space and openness in the tent. This opened up the space and created a seamless connection to the surroundings.


Excellent support for event themes

Our Swiss subsidiary Orgatent AG presents a large tent with a chalet character. Especially in the cold season, the wood radiates a cosy warmth and creates an inviting atmosphere. This tent is ideal for supporting event themes and offering guests an unforgettable experience.


Make the most of open space

Our tents offer practical solutions not only for events, but also for restaurants and hotels. One restaurant and hotel business cleverly used an existing open space in an inner courtyard. The open-air season was extended with four 5 x 5 metre pagoda tents in the same design as the restaurant. These pagodas allow guests to enjoy the fresh air and provide an additional venue for birthdays and celebrations. The transparent side curtains maintain the link to the timber-framed building and allow passers-by to take a curious look at the beautifully decorated surroundings.

All in all, these examples demonstrate the versatility and creative possibilities of our event tents. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions for every occasion and working with our customers to create memorable events. From outdoor events to glamorous corporate functions, our tents are flexible enough to adapt to your needs and will always be an asset to any event.

Here you can find an overview of why RÖDER tents are the perfect solution for your event, as well as other benefits. Our sales team will be happy to arrange a consultation.



Jens Sturmhöfel, Head of Tent Solutions. Tent Solutions is RÖDER's division for event/catering/sport/corporate solutions.