Cost-efficient cold hall
S-Line - S is for smart

Why smart?

In need of a quick solution for your on-site project?
Are you expanding at an unexpectedly fast pace and in need of some alternative form of temporary shelter as soon as possible?

Cost-effective uninsulated warehouse

Our S-Line range is smart because it gives you just what you need. Fast, cost-effective solutions are what the S-Line does best. We recommend the S-Line for temporary warehouse buildings, construction site tents and storage tents.



Reference 1: Uninsulated warehouse

Warehouse spanning 800 m2 for conveyor and agricultural technology.

  • Side height: 5.20 m
  • Span width: 20 m
  • Side length: 40 m
  • Walls: PVC tarpaulin

Gate: Tarpaulin sliding door at the side with an access height of 4.50 m.



Reference 2: Uninsulated temporary warehouse building

RÖDER installed six warehouses spanning 2200 m² in total for Seegers KG. The pre-fabricated warehouses with a side height of up to 4.0 m are used to store building, plumbing and electronic equipment and protect it from the elements. The uninsulated warehouses are used on a permanent basis and are available to rent too. They are each fitted with sliding doors and special opaque roof covers.

Features of the S-Line range

High volume of space

With side heights of 3.70 m to 5.20 m, the S-Line gives you the high volume you need to make the most of the floor space available. For example, you could use the height for a high-bay racking system to be managed with forklift operation.

Gates and doors

Wind bracing provides the warehouses with the necessary stability and statics. They are attached in the second and last-but-one fields, allowing for doors and gates (e.g. emergency exits and staff access doors) to be installed in the first field.

Bay distance

With a bay distance of 5.0 m, our pre-fabricated warehouses can even come with side access for lorries. There’s the option to install roller shutters or sliding doors made from steel or tarpaulin, providing access through a gap with a height of between 3.00 m and 4.50 m and a width of between 3.85 m and 4.90 m.

Span widths

The S-Line range comes with span widths of between 5.0 m and 20.0 m. Our clever gable division allows for entry through a central gate – no matter what the span width. This is a common customer request we can accommodate across all our warehouse systems.

Snow and wind loading

Snow and wind loading in Germany are divided into different zones, so it’s always important to know exactly where a warehouse is going to be set up. Our cost-effective S-Line uninsulated warehouse solution has snow loading of up to 0.85 kN/m2 and wind loading of up to 28 m/s as standard.


The RÖDER S-LINE Marquee Warehouse system – cost-effective and flexible